Easter is a strange holiday when you’re not Catholic. Plus, unlike Santa, I find the Easter Bunny to be straight up bizarre and I’m still confused about why we put jellybeans and chocolate in eggs so that side of the holiday is also lost on me. While last year Easter at our house kind of fell by the wayside what with me being hugely pregnant and having just moved in a few days earlier, the prior year I decided I would make the day a spring celebration. Lily got new rain boots, some garden tools (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!), seeds, and a seed starter tray. We planted the seeds in the tray and spent the day digging in the garden. I had high hopes of those seeds growing into beautiful vegetable plants but that didn’t happen because I didn’t read the instructions and way overestimated the amount of time I’d have on my hands (I ended up buying small plants instead of starting from seed). But it was a really fun way for me to still recognize it as a special day, and Lily ended up in the garden all summer long. I’ve also mentioned before that we try to emphasize experiences over things, and garden-related gifts are a nice way to still have a little something for kids to “open” while really giving them an experience that will last well into the fall.

Now that I’m a few years into this parenthood thing and have been learning more about gardening through my job, I have a better idea of what I can actually handle growing-wise. I saw an umbrella Easter basket on Pinterest which is a perfect alternative to the traditional Easter basket and fits in well with my spring theme. Plus I’m all about practicality, and a wicker basket filled with shredded paper is possibly the least practical thing you can give a baby or toddler. In case you’re interested in making your Easter a spring celebration and spending the day getting dirt under your nails, here is my umbrella Easter basket inspiration!

1)  Frog Rain Boots: There’s nothing that says “spring” like rain gear. Lily already has a raincoat, but her rain boots are pretty small and starting to fall apart. Western Chief is definitely the best brand of rain boots we’ve purchased, and these frog ones are adorable. They’re built to last, and come in all kinds of cute patterns. Oakiwear is another brand we’ve purchased that’s also pretty popular, but they just don’t hold up like Western Chief boots (Lily’s current pair of Oakiwear boots is cracking, a handle fell off, and they fade super fast). Plus these boots have a matching (2) froggy umbrella. I can’t wait to see how pumped Lily is going to be when she sees she got an umbrella. I might get Maggie some (3) sandals too, but Easter is a week before her birthday soooo we’ll see because let’s be honest, Maggie will just be excited to see everyone when she wakes up in the morning.

4) Wildflower seeds: We have this weird patch in our yard where the grass is different than everywhere else and grows really fast. As long as the weather is nice on Easter, we’ll turn the soil here and sprinkle some wildflower seeds or pollinators. Wildflowers are a great option for planting with kids because they are super easy to get in the ground and are fairly hardy seeds. Crossing my fingers that these work out for us this year!

5) Lettuces and (6) kale: When it comes from the garden or  farmers market, Lily loves kale.

She doesn’t have a huge vegetable pallet, so I’d like to capitalize on this. We also go through a ton of greens. We’re way too busy to have a full veggie garden, plus both our parents have huge gardens. We do have window boxes out front, and I want to try planting a variety of greens in them. This way they’ll be semi-attractive and also practical. I also know I cannot manage anything that can’t be sown directly, which makes greens an excellent option. I also just recently learned you can plant them a few times throughout the season, or rotate with something else like radishes so if I’m feeling ambitious and I get my act together we’ll try that. I’m going to order the seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Co. They have these art packs which are really pretty and Lily got a kick out of the ones my mom gave us last year (that didn’t get planted…oops.). Plus, shout out to the Hudson Valley.

7) Garden-related books: I don’t have a particular book in mind but these both look really cute. Lily is just getting to the age where she could grasp the concept of things happening underground, and babies love flaps. Plus I still have plenty of time to ask Dog Ears to  order them!

*Let’s be clear that I’m the family heathen: both my girls were baptized and Ryan takes Lily to church on weekends. I do join on holidays and may more often when Maggie gets older.

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