Sometimes I’m taken aback by the extent to which Lily and I are on the same wavelength. It’s rarely anything existential, and is usually more along the lines of both wanting to go get ice cream. I say rarely existential because we had this one car ride a few months ago where Lily said something like, “Mom, do you feel like the moon?” and then proceeded to go through things like “a star,” “an owl,” “a bear,” and it turned into this whole experience where we talked about what it would feel like to be each of those things. Anywho…

Last Thursday I gave up all hope of waking up early to run, and let Lily come in my bed after Ryan left for work at 6am. I couldn’t remember the last time I didn’t wake up to an alarm on a weekday morning, and it was just so relaxing and warm in bed. Lily was semi-asleep, and the thought of getting up and making banana muffins crossed my mind. Of course this was a Thursday and already an hour later than my normal wake up and I was on my own with both kids, but I had a feeling the morning was going to go more smoothly than most. That’s when Lily looked at me and said, “I want a muffin.” I swear we share brain waves.

I’ve been using the same basic banana oatmeal muffin recipe for a few years. I look at recipes more as suggestions, and also never seem to have the right ingredients on hand or have others I want to use up, so I’ve adapted this recipe many times. This version was by far the best, so I actually wrote down what I ended up using because I might even make the exact same recipe again.

I know I mentioned in my lactation cookie recipe that I always double baked good recipes, because if a recipe doesn’t make enough to freeze, I don’t have time for it. But did I mention that to do this, I have to use a massive salad bowl? It’s kind of ridiculous.

I happened to only have 2 really ripe bananas, but I had a can of pumpkin I had been wanting to use up. So glad I decided to try this. I was also out of regular sugar and didn’t have quite enough brown sugar, so I added some maple syrup. The batter was a little wet at the end, but a healthy heap of ground flax brought it to just the right consistency.

Have you discovered how much you can get done in 10 minutes yet? I went upstairs to take a shower while the first batch was in the oven, with just over 10 minutes until the timer would go off. I figured they’d be a little overlooked, but when I ran back downstairs there were still 3 minutes left on the clock. I had this weird Twilight Zone experience and had to check that yes, Lily was still alive in the living room, and yes, I had managed to wash my hair and put lotion on in 7 minutes.

Somehow Maggie, Lily, and I all managed to eat breakfast together. Did I just admit giving a muffin with added sugar to my 9 month old? I considered using honey but chose maple syrup because botulism, so it cancels out.

Lily warming up with a muffin after a smoothie “freeze attack.”

BTW, Lily asked, “Do these muffins have wheat?” So considerate of her gluten-intolerant relatives.

Of course, less than a week after making this double batch of muffins there is only one left so we’ll be making some more this weekend.

I know this is a weird pic of Mags, but look at her mouth: she chews her food with her teeny tiny front teeth!

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Banana Pumpkin Oat Muffins
This super hearty muffin recipe is already doubled, so you can toss some in the freezer for an on-the-go breakfast.
Course Baked Goods
Course Baked Goods
  1. Combine flour, oats, flax, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and nutmeg and cinnamon to taste. Set aside.
  2. In a very large bowl. beat the eggs lightly. Stir in the milk, oil, vanilla, and maple syrup. Add the mashed banana and pumpkin, and combine thoroughly. Stir in the dry mixture until just combined.
  3. Coat muffin tins with cooking spray, and fill 3/4.
  4. Bake at 400 degrees F for 18-20 minutes.
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