Hey! You didn’t think I gave up on this, did you? I just had to take a long hiatus because life. Namely, this is literally the first weekend since March or April where I haven’t had some kind of plans (actually Ryan is out of the state for a few days but I have no social obligations). Our paper calendar is filled with black ink. We’ve had weddings, showers, holidays, work trips. I also stopped pumping, which was when I did most of my writing. Now that I don’t have to be tied to a machine during my 30 minute break and it’s over 25 degrees outside, I like to walk during lunch. And I’m also running more (kind of goes along with the warmer weather and not being pregnant or breastfeeding for the first time in over four years), which on top of everything else leaves me with virtually no free time. If you want to know what it sounds like when I keep my kids out running past 6pm, here’s mile 7 of 8 the other day: IMG_4146

But the real reason I’m back at this exact moment is because I am currently eating the best bowl of ice cream I have ever had. With Ryan out of town I decided to use my free time to strip the diapers (for the first time ever), wash the floors, and whip up some frozen dairy (YOLO). If you know me, you know ice cream is my weakness. I have an ice cream maker and I usually use it a few times a year. One of the best things about making ice cream is that if you can dream up a flavor, you can make it.

When I was in Denver I made a blueberry cheesecake ice cream recipe from the book that came with my ice cream maker, and since then most of the blends I’ve made have had some sort of a cheesecake base. A few weeks ago I came across a much simpler recipe than I normally use, and tonight I perfected it. Bonus: you don’t actually need an ice cream maker for this one.

During the summer I always end up with a bunch of berries we can’t manage to eat, and it’s easy to throw them in some cheesecake ice cream. I usually boil them down with some sugar first but this time I just threw the raspberries in and it was perfect.

Can I also just mention that I made an incredibly delicious, easy dinner before eating this and no one complained or refused to eat part of it? Lily actually asked for seconds. I’m not sure she’s ever asked for more of non-pasta entree. I practically ran to the kitchen when she said, “Can I please have another pita?” (I didn’t clarify for her the fact that it was actually a bean and cheese quesadilla, because she’s just started eating combo foods). For mine I just did sauteed Swiss chard, black beans I didn’t have time to heat up, queso fresco, and corn tortillas. Keeping it simple these days.

Anyway, go and make this ice cream now. You can switch up the berries and cookies (I actually usually use gluten-free gingersnaps) and add some hot fudge (you know I did), and eat it after the kids are in bed like I do because I don’t share my ice cream with anyone.

A pic of Maggie because she’s cute. Comments on my birth plan for her coming up next!

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Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
I used an ice cream maker, but you don't really need one. You could whip the cream for a minute before adding in the other ingredients if you don't have an ice cream maker and want it to be airy.
Course Dessert
Course Dessert
  1. In a stand mixer or using a hand mixer, beat the cream cheese and brown sugar until combined. Add the milk, cream, and vanilla and beat until well combined. It's okay if a few chunks remain--they'll just taste like cheesecake (which no one can complain about).
  2. Add the mixture to your ice cream maker and process according to the manufacturers instructions.
  3. Meanwhile, add the melted butter to the crushed graham crackers. When the ice cream mixture is finished, add to a freezer-safe tupperware container. add the raspberries and graham cracker recipe and gently fold in.
  4. The ice cream will be really soft, so put in the freezer for a few hours before serving.
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